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Welcome to WOW Kids - 1st futuristic family edutainment center in Middle East! All parents in the world wants the best for their children. But what’s “the best” is not always clear. In today’s rapidly changing world, one of the greatest gifts of parents to their children is to prepare them to thrive in the new 21st century world. But how to do it? We believe that parents can inspire their children to be curious about the world and to become innovation aware. So, we will guide and help families in this way. WOW Kids provides children and their parents a safe, unique and future edutainment environment that allows kids from 4 years to teen get and interact with emerging creative media technologies and innovative artistic experiences from worldwide. Run your own preschool & provide quality education by joining hands with WOW KIDS! WOW KIDS ISO 9001:2008 Certified – The U. S. Concept Preschool is ventured by WOW EDUCATION LLP, an organization pioneer in education. The organization is managed by a team of highly qualified, experienced educationists and professionals who have taken initiative in making WOW KIDS a dream place for young children. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged two to five years old are encouraged to explore their potential, developing at a relaxed pace that is both REWARDING and fun. WOW KIDS has won two Prestigious AWARDS the recent one as "BEST UPCOMING PRESCHOOL CHAIN in WEST INDIA" organised by Delhi Research media in on March 19th 2016 and "BEST INNOVATIVE TEACHING PRACTICES & QUALITY EDUCATION in WEST INDIA" by PRIME TIME in GLOBAL EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD 2016 Ceremony. WOW KIDS Had earlier last year won "MOST PROMISING PRESCHOOL AWARD" in an Award ceremony Organised by BRANDS ACADEMY last Year. At WOW KIDS we believe that learning should be a natural part of life. We strive to create an environment where children enjoy themselves and learn in a playful way. We help children to develop social skills and a sense of belonging to a group with respect for each other. Our educational approach encourages children to become confident, relying on personal STRENGTHS. We aim to provide a nurturing environment giving each child the opportunity to become independent to develop into a confident person. Support & Benefits: • • Complete END TO END Preschool solution. (Including Full set up Material) • • Built environment Support (Interior / Exterior infrastructure Support) • • Business Management Training Support • • Staff Training Support • • Marketing and Advertising Support • • Real time Operational Intelligence This is the opportunity you cannot let just go, connect now to know more! WOW KIDS Team